Bakhriatin and Partners Law Firm  established in 2008 by Siti Bakhriatin,  which has been practising as legal consultant for 24th  (twenty fourth) years.

The Firm engage by wide experiences Lawyers in general corporate, capital market, financing, intellectual property and others  practical law.



The Firm has a commitment to provide a high quality legal services, experiences and   professional integrities of our lawyers for complying our client’s need to establish a long term and mutually relationship with our clients.


 We offer many law services in the following areas, among others:


Corporate & Commercial Capital Market Investment Receiver & Administrator
Property Technology Information Telecommunication Sharia Transaction
Banking & Finance Mining & Energy Infrastructure & Construction Plantation & Forestry
Food & Beverage Arbitration & Litigation Intellectual Property Labor

As practising corporate lawyers, our firm offers legal services  particularly in the areas of:

  • Corporate and commercial practices

The Firm handles any legal services of  general corporate and commercial activities, joint ventures, company formation, company re-organisation, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, management agreements, profit/revenue sharing schemes, banking and finance, strategic advise;

Capital Market

The Firm has experiences to provide legal services for Capital Market transactions such as Initial Public Offering, Limited Public Offering Bonds, Public Offering of Bond, Public Offering of Mutual Funds and,  and other corporate actions of numerous  public companies, such as merger, acquisition, internal restructuring,  and consolidation.


The Firm has experiences to provide legal services  for domestic and cross-border investments;

Intellectual Property Rights

The Firm provides  legal services in the area of Intellectual Property Rights,  such as submission of registered copyright, trademarks and other rights,  drafting and reviewing of license and  franchising agreements;


The Firm provides legal services in the area of property such as sale, purchase and acquisition of property;

Litigation and Arbitration

The Firm has experiences to handles any dispute  in the area of Industrial Relation, company and contractual disputes;

Plantation and forestry

The Firm provides the legal services in the area of plantation development in connection with investment, permits, licenses and handling of legal matters in the forestry/plantation projects;

Mining and energy

The Firm handled  some companies which has business in the area of mining and energy development in the area of  investment, permits, licenses, negotiations, contract formation;

Infrastructure projects

The Firm provides the legal services in the area of Infrastructure projects  such as  toll road construction, telecommunications, harbour, electricity and water supply constructions.

Receiver and Administrator

The Firm handles a company in bankruptcy, which one of  our partner become a receiver of the company.